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IMS NauticalManager Module

Streamline Your Chart Access, Licensing, and Route Updating with i4 Insight

Our back-of-bridge planning station, IMS, now offers a NauticalManager module, which supports efficient and automated chart and publication management, including ordering, updating, reporting, and viewing official electronic and paper charts and publications, including ADMIRALITY  products (AVCS, e-NP, and ADP)

The NauticalManager module within IMS has been updated with new functionality, simplified workflow, and refined user interface, and is now tightly integrated with our optional additional IMS modules, including onboard Weather Routing and Optimization, Shoreside Routing Service, and FleetManager – our shoreside management tool.

IMS NauticalManager Module Key Features

  • Using your route as a starting point, automatically select all relevant products from multiple catalogs – including electronic charts & publications and paper charts & publications – with a single click!
  • Place an order via internet or email, filtering out items already held
  • Update electronic charts via internet or email and export them to your ECDIS
  • Generate and print your Voyage / Passage Plan - including route plan, chart & publication holdings with licensing & update status, and relevant T&P's
  • View over a dozen weather overlays graphically & numerically along your route (requires weather subscription) View port forecasts covering marine conditions at the Pilot Boarding Place and terrestrial conditions within the harbor
  • View and interrogate/inspect electronic charts - including AVCS and S-57/S-63
  • Display (S)ECA and other fuel regulation zones, PSSAs, ESSAs, and areas to be avoided
  • Seamless integration with i4 Insight's shoreside fleet management tools and routing advisory service

Weather Layers (available with subscription) include:

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Waves (including height, period, and direction for 3 wave trains: sea, primary swell, and secondary swell)
  • Surface Pressure
  • Upper Air (Height of 500mb Pressure Layer)
  • Ocean Currents
  • Visibility
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Sea Height
  • Precipitation Rate
  • Precipitation Type
  • Cloud Cover
  • Air Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Ice Concentration
  • Ice Thickness
  • Iceberg & Sea Ice Limits
  • Ice Edge and Marginal Ice Zone Observations
  • Ice Accretion
  • High Resolution Wind, Waves, and Ice (requires optional subscription)


  • i4 Insight's Commercial ADMIRALTY ENC Service (CAES) – contains official ENCs and ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) from UKHO in our SENC format
  • i4 Insight's Commercial Extended ENC Service (CEES) - contains official ENCs from India in our SENC format
  • ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS)
  • ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (e-NP) - including Sailing Directions
  • ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) including:
    • ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights (ADLL)
    • ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals (ADRS)
    • ADMIRALTY Total Tide (ATT)

  • Paper Charts (ADMIRALTY)
  • Paper Publications (ADMIRALTY)
  • Professional+ contains i4 Insight's vector chart database in our SENC format