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Update Service

A secure, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly updating service for professional navigators.

i4 Insight's UpdateService makes the latest updated navigation, weather and piracy data available wherever you are. If you have access to the Internet or email, chart updates are made available on the i4 Insight update server every working day. Weather forecast updates are even made available several times a day. In addition to NtM’s, chart updates can also include new charts and new editions of existing charts, but this requires a broadband connection.

UpdateService Highlights

  • Easy updating
  • Always up to date
  • Online updating service including new charts
  • Weather and piracy updates
  • Supports HTTP (Internet) and email
  • Optimal compact data for online transfer with type approved SENC distribution
  • Unlimited use of our UpdateService (airtime cost not included)

Choose from a range of options to keep your onboard databases updated based on your particular operational requirements and the communication facilities available on the vessel.


NtM updates can be downloaded daily via online communication (email or Internet/HTTP). This service does not include new charts and new editions of charts. To get access to new charts, it is recommended that you receive a complete updated database regularly via Online+Service or DVD.


This unique service replaces DVD chart updates as it provides a complete updated database via the Internet (HTTP). Every week i4 Insight releases a new version of the database, including the latest NtM updates, new charts and new editions of charts. With an online connection, this service allows you to update the database wherever and whenever. Due to the large amount of data, this service requires high-capacity bandwidth.

DVD Service

A complete updated database can also be distributed via DVD on a regular basis, depending on your specific needs.

  Online Online+ CD/DVD
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The data is distributed in i4 Insight's SENC format. The SENC technology developed for the distribution of authorized navigational chart data has been type approved by DNV.

Supported Systems

The i4 Insight SENC format is supported by the majority of ECDIS and ECS manufacturers.