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FixedFee is a licensing concept that allows customers to pay an annual fixed amount for all ENCs they require for safe navigation.

Available for AVCS and i4 Insight's Commercial ADMIRALTY ENC Service (CAES) and Commercial Extended ENC Service (CEES). FixedFee offers the same flexibility as our FlatFee service without being a PAYS based solution.

FixedFee provides complete access to global ENCs for voyage planning and navigation, combined with easy chart updating, one annual invoice and the ability to license all the charts needed for safe navigation for the duration of the 12 month FixedFee subscription.

Customers can now benefit from a number of innovative licensing solutions for navigational data which will assist in meeting their obligations for safe navigation.

i4 Insight continues to strengthens its position as a cost effective and flexible provider of navigational products for safe and smart shipping.

The Freedom of Choice

With our FixedFee licensing option – i4 Insight continues to strengthen it’s position as the most flexible provider of ENC solutions in the market today.
For comprehensive details on licensing and updating please visit our licensing page: Licensing


To receive an up-to-date overview of available ENC coverage, plan a portfolio, or prepare an order, please log in to our NauticalCatalog.

FixedFee Highlights

  • Invoiced and licensed once a year – sail!
  • Access to all ENC’s available at any time for navigation & planning
  • Payment in advance removes administration overhead
  • Requires NauticalManager
  • Easy and efficient
  • Available for AVCS and our own i4 Insight's Commercial ADMIRALTY ENC Service (CAES)