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Vessel Routing Service

Voyage Forecasting, Weather Analysis and Route Optimization


i4 Insight is committed to providing our customers with the best maritime vessel routing services available today, including:

  • Precise vessel tracking and passage modeling
  • Accurate marine weather routing and ship guidance
  • Timely operational updates and voyage optimization

We provide the only routing service in the industry in which 100% of our routing services are performed by seasoned Shipmasters. We utilize the highest resolution marine weather forecasts (out to 15 days) and precise ship models. Our proprietary optimization algorithms utilize these highly refined tools to deliver the optimal route within your operational area. Our voyage optimization solutions account for your operational limitations and the seakeeping characteristics of your vessel class, to provide the most comprehensive guidance available. Simply e-mail i4 Insight's Routing Services your daily position reports and we will re-simulate and optimize your remaining passage, so as the conditions and your needs change, our recommendations change to match.

To request a route, please complete our online request form.


  • Enhance safety, efficiency and lower fuel consumption.
  • Voyage optimization constantly integrates latest ocean forecasts to increasingly optimize the route, facilitating on-time arrival and eliminating the "sprint-loiter" operating profile.
  • Risk reduction – guidance system provides speed and course recommendations based on operational priorities – best fuel, fixed time; and factoring in a tolerance for heavy weather.

Our Weather Routing Services can reduce risks associated with vessel and cargo damage, reduce fuel costs, increase on-time schedule performance, and prolong the operating life of your assets.


"Once again thanks to your valuable advice & guidance we managed to dodge the Hurricane(s). Keep up the splendid job!! It was most re-assuring to know that someone was "with us" all the way and it is much appreciated."

"Many thanks for your kind and so valuable assistance which has helped to avoid bad weather and made last passage almost pleasant."

"As for present passage though it's too early to say because it's not yet completed (I am superstitious, as most of the seamen), I have to admit that it's not so bad and your good team should be credited for giving so valuable recommendations."

"Thanks to you and your crew for a great ride. We made up all of our lost time and will arrive...on time."


Routing rates are per-passage and available upon request to our routing team. If you submit a route request as a first time user, you will be contacted promptly and pricing information will be provided so you may confirm or decline service before incurring any charges.

If you are a returning user, simply complete the route request form as a returning user and we will begin providing your vessel routing assistance right away.