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Track, Monitor and Get the Reports You Need on Your Fleet—with One Product

Perform Post-voyage Analysis and Get Reports on Performance

i4 Insight's FleetManager is a Web-based enterprise solution for providing ship tracking, prediction and performance analysis for your entire fleet, offering shore-side managers extensive insight into historical, present and even future performance. It delivers analytics to manage assets more efficiently and improve operational and strategic decision-making. FleetManager is easy to use and provides critical information when you need it. Whether you’re monitoring in-progress or past voyages, FleetManager provides an integrated set of tools to help you manage your fleet to its full potential.

FleetManager Highlights

  • Advanced vessel tracking (current status and planned route) on our global chart database
  • Status dashboard for consolidated vessel status across your entire fleet
  • Analysis of fuel consumption, schedule variance, severe weather and ship’s motion responses tracking
  • Performance analysis for fuel, distance, speed, and time
  • Daily terms and Charter Party analysis with weather, speed, and fuel
  • 15-day high-resolution weather forecast including wind, wave, ocean currents, upper air, surface pressure and tropical cyclones
  • Passage track history including historical weather overlay display
  • Interactive display with global suite of our commercial charts
  • Provides high frequency tracking via SAT AIS
  • Web-based application for optimal enterprise management and data sharing
  • Part of i4 Insight's Integrated Maritime Suite of products, which includes IMS, ShipReportXL, and Vessel Routing Services
  • Email Alert Notifications
  • Power Bi Analytics

Comprehensive Fleet Tracking and Monitoring - More Than Just a Dot on a Map

FleetManager does much more than your typical fleet-tracking tool. After logging into the SSL secure system, you’ll see a chart-based view of your fleet, along with a dashboard showing the consolidated status of every ship. Rolled-up status includes schedule and ETA, fuel consumption, weather and motions warning, and more. Use the detail panel to understand if the arrival time is in jeopardy and if contingency planning is necessary. Manage your vessels quickly by setting up vessel groups to see only the ships you’re concerned with.

In addition, FleetManager automatically stores a vessel’s track and performance history so you can review past voyages and run reports. Enable i4 Insight’s industry-leading weather overlay and you can view high-resolution global weather including tropical storms, wind, wave, ocean currents, upper air and surface pressure with up to 15-day forecasts.

FleetManager features complete global chart coverage with our Professional+ commercial charts, trusted and used by thousands of vessels around the world. Our commercial charts are the standard in commercial charting. Zoom in on approach and harbor scale charts and see the same detail in the office that your captains are using for navigation onboard and use the Range and Bearing tool to measure distances anywhere in the world.

Analysis and Reports for Owners, Operators and Charterers

FleetManager is a complete fleet-tracking solution, but its capabilities extend much further. Its extensive performance analysis tools enable your company its own performance evaluation against Performa/Port Pair terms

Daily terms and Charter Party:

  • Manage vessel performance by daily warranted performance terms for time, fuel, distance, and speed
  • Determine CP good and bad weather days using i4 Insight's global verified weather repository
  • Run Charter Party reports and save to PDF for use outside FleetManager

The i4 Insight Professional Services team can help tailor analysis graphs and reports to meet your needs. The system also supports exporting data for further analysis in Excel or your analysis tool of choice.

Data Quality

FleetManager seamlessly integrates with i4 Insight’s ShipReportXL tool for daily noon reporting and provides best of class data validation. FleetManager will send the Master emails notifying them of any potential issues in their reports. For instance - if the latest position report when compared to the surrounding High Frequency Points does not appear achievable without the vessel traveling at unexpectedly high speeds - the Master will be able to make corrections and re-submit the report.


FleetManager will send daily email summaries comprised of data issues identified on vessel noon reports, notifications for when a vessel deviates from the recommended route, alerts when passages end for selected vessels, and will also send emails with links to Time Charter Party analysis reports once the report is available to all back-office subscribers.

Alerts inform the back office when issues occur, allowing them to pro-actively manage the vessels reporting quality and evaluate the passage performance in a timely manner.

Performance Analysis and Graphs

FleetManager provides a variety of reports to address various needs. Standard Reports are available to be printed for formal documents such as the Time Charter Party Analysis report.
Templated Reports provide detailed data the user can manipulate and then perform further analysis in external tools such as Excel.

Fueled by the Microsoft Power BI service our new FleetManager Analytics provides interactive graphical representations of the ship’s data allowing users to filter and drill through in a variety of methods. Microsoft’s Power BI service is recognized as a leader in the analytics space.

Integration - Part of the Integrated Maritime Suite

FleetManager integrates with i4 Insight's other advanced tools, including the following:

  • IMS is a unified tool combining powerful yet simple one-click route optimization, weather, navigational charts, and publications. IMS focuses on providing solutions for shipping companies to help improve their operational efficiencies as it relates to voyage planning and nautical information management, reducing cargo damage, improving safety and schedule predictability all while lowering fuel consumption and operational costs. IMS is capable of synchronizing with FleetManager to display the Master's intended route (alongside i4 Insight's recommended route, if different) so shore-side managers and users can monitor progress and performance.

  • ShipReport is a vessel reporting tool that provides field validation and reporting logic to improve the quality and consistency of ship reports. Data is fed to FleetManager, which further validates the data (e.g., by comparing with AIS data) and can generate alerts if problems are detected. Data is immediately available via the FleetManager tracking screen, reports, and analysis tools.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Built using the latest technology, FleetManager is a Web-based, Internet application. This means the program is easy to deploy, with secure data, controlled system access and reduced management costs. Your administrator adds users and each user has roles assigned to control access. This allows company-wide access but strict control of proprietary and sensitive data. You can also access your fleet information securely from any PC connected to the Internet.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows PC running Internet Explorer version 7 or later
  • Silverlight 4.0 plug-in
  • Internet connection
  • Keyboard and mouse: preferably with scroll-wheel

Recommended System Requirements

  • Processor: 2.0 GHz (or faster) Pentium 4 or 1.6 GHz (or faster) mobile processor
  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher• RAM: 2GB (or more)
  • Hard disk space: 80GB or more (with at least 20GB of free space
  • Graphics card/display: 1280 x 1024 or greater resolution and 32 bit color
  • High speed Internet connection