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Weather Services

Weather Navigation for Professionals

Combining electronic charts and weather forecasting

A primary goal for i4 Insight is to provide navigators around the world with all nautical information necessary for safe navigation. By merging electronic vector charts and the most accurate wind and wave forecast available into the chart display systems, the possibility to plan the optimal sea route for a safe voyage is right at your fingertips.

WeatherNav Highlights

  • Integrating charts and weather
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Astronomical water level and currents
  • Tropical cyclone warnings
  • Ship dedicated forecast
  • Easy downloading of wind and wave forecast
  • Possibility to distribute or share the chart and weather information
  • Supports HTTP (Internet) and email updates

Advantages of WeatherNav

  • An integrated solution suggesting a safe route taking into consideration information from electronic vector charts and our premium quality weather service
  • Astronomical water level and current vectors for all major ports
  • Tropical cyclone warnings shown as a map overlay, or integrated into the route planer; updated every 30 minutes if new info is available
  • Ship dedicated forecast; by setting your own alarms for critical weather you will easily detect and plot severe weather along your route or as chart overlay
  • Easy downloading and browsing of Met-Ocean data – a true one-click download
  • Highly compressed files for download using our SENC compression
  • Possibility to distribute or share the chart and weather information.
  • Takes full advantage of i4 Insight's global electronic charts, including ENC and the Chart Update Service, by Internet or email
  • Always up-to-date with charts and latest wind and wave conditions
  • A user-friendly and integrated communication module

Supporting Applications

OceanView 4.0 or newer

ECDIS and ECS based on our SDK

Facts and Specifications

Global Met-Ocean Parameters

Pressure, wind, temperature, dew point, clouds, and precipitation, as well as height, direction and period of total waves and swell.

Additional Parameters

Current, sea water level, water temperature, ice concentration and satellite wind observations.

Tropical Cyclone Warnings

Official warnings from The World Meteorological Organisation as overlay and used in route planning.

Historical data

Online access to three months of historical observations.

Online access to three months of historical forecast.

Subscription Areas

World, large (6,400 sq. degrees), medium (400 sq. degrees). The download area can be moved (follow ship) globally without restrictions.